50 Cent Documentary

I’m not so big fan of 50 Cent , but i respect any artist who made his way to stars. Watching these guys on TV after street hustling is quite a life story. So here it is 50 cent, and as someone sad , I will give him a dollar :))

Anyway every artist story is great to see!


The Father of Circuit bending

Great video about Reed Ghazala the father of circuit bending.

Most dangerous songs to listen to while driving

Tracks from Beastie Boys, The Prodigy and Kanye West are the most dangerous to listen to while driving, and Adele is on the list of the most calm music to listen while you in car.

5th place of NME list of most dangerous songs is Rachmaninoff – ‘Prelude In C Sharp Minor’  and Prodigy holds second place

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Children of Berlin

Great short story about Berlin techno scene.The story about the Wall , politics and music. Berlin scene is one of the most inspiring scenes in the world , with so many great DJs and producers.

Part 1

Part 2