Tribute to Technics SL1210

Technics SL-1200 Production Ceased

On 1 November 2010, Panasonic made the following statement on the DMC World DJ Championships home page.[1]

Panasonic reactive statement – Production of analogue turntables has ceased

Panasonic has confirmed that it ceased the production of its Technics-branded analogue turntables this autumn.

After more than 35 years as a leading manufacturer of analogue turntables, Panasonic has regretfully taken the decision to leave this market. However, Panasonic will continue to sell headphones under the Technics brand.

We are sure that retailers and consumers will understand that our product range has to reflect the accelerating transformation of the entire audio market from analogue to digital.

In addition, the number of component suppliers serving the analogue market has dwindled in recent years and we brought forward the decision to leave the market rather than risk being unable to fulfil future orders because of a lack of parts.

Panasonic employees who have been working on the analogue turntable range have been redeployed elsewhere within Panasonic – many of them continuing to work in Panasonic´s Audio Video Business Unit

-source wikipedia

We are aliens!

In case you were wondering how modem sounds pitched down 700%.

Prophecy of Machines

The New York Times has posted an article titled Prophecy of Machines worth checking out. Here is short part from the text:

“Recording, like electricity, has been around for little more than a century. Radio as a public medium for less than that. Computers have only become widely available since the 1980’s. Edison did not grasp (at first) the consequences of his gramophone for music; he thought of it as an office machine. Why wasn’t it invented 100 years earlier? It was a fairly simple mechanical device. Mozart might have liked it. There is no technical reason why we couldn’t hear recordings of Beethoven’s improvisations. But the time was not ripe. It didn’t take long for Edison to realize the commercial potential of his machine, nor for the machine to have an effect on the art of music itself.”

The text makes you think!

Read the whole text here

Anything on mobile

Today i had some free time so i check my blog on my mobile phone. Its really cool how wordpress looks on iPhone. For any of you bored ones , now you know that you can check out this blog even when you are outside. The reason why i didnt see my blog on mobile phone is that i am always on the internet , so the time when i am outside i try to be disconnected. But its hard to be disconnected in 2011, isn’t it!!?? :))

Widget economy

Here is old but short explanation of real widget economy. Really nice explanation!

Pump Audio

Pump Audio connects independent music with Television, film and advertising music supervisors. If your music gets used, they keep 50% and you get 50%. No upfront fee.

check out Pump audio here

Real Scenes: Berlin

This is the third installment in the Real Scenes documentary series put together by Resident Advisor and Bench. They’ve covered the Detroit and Bristol electronic scenes as well. All the docs include a playlist in the credits, so if you’re looking to update your deep-house collection, pay attention!:)

Why we love sound??

Why we love sound? and what is sound? Check out this great video made by Soundcloud! Enjoy 🙂

SAE Institute Belgrade pact with D16 Group

D16 Group Audio Software and SAE Institute Belgrade have established a new alliance to access their world famous software emulator programs for legendary drum machines like the Roland 909 808 and 303.

D16 has graciously agreed to supply SAE Institute Belgrade its entire collection of plugins for use by students and staff members. This range of simulation software which contains literally millions of song and sound options can now be accessed for projects and assignments by all students. Furthermore, anyone from SAE Belgrade is now able to purchase any D16 product at 50% off the normal price.

For more information or details on how to purchase D16 products please contact SAE Institute Belgrade.

for more info:

SAE Institute Studio Sessions: DJ Craze

DJ Craze in SAE Miami !!:)