Prophecy of Machines

The New York Times has posted an article titled Prophecy of Machines worth checking out. Here is short part from the text:

“Recording, like electricity, has been around for little more than a century. Radio as a public medium for less than that. Computers have only become widely available since the 1980’s. Edison did not grasp (at first) the consequences of his gramophone for music; he thought of it as an office machine. Why wasn’t it invented 100 years earlier? It was a fairly simple mechanical device. Mozart might have liked it. There is no technical reason why we couldn’t hear recordings of Beethoven’s improvisations. But the time was not ripe. It didn’t take long for Edison to realize the commercial potential of his machine, nor for the machine to have an effect on the art of music itself.”

The text makes you think!

Read the whole text here

Anything on mobile

Today i had some free time so i check my blog on my mobile phone. Its really cool how wordpress looks on iPhone. For any of you bored ones , now you know that you can check out this blog even when you are outside. The reason why i didnt see my blog on mobile phone is that i am always on the internet , so the time when i am outside i try to be disconnected. But its hard to be disconnected in 2011, isn’t it!!?? :))