This and That

Hi all check it out new release from Davide Squillace on his own imprint This and That. I am sure that label will be big so check out the first release!!

2012 sees the start of Davide Squillace’s latest project. This and That Lab will be a fusion of label and think tank, combining music, art and culture used as a platform for like minded artists to develop creative project.
This and That Lab is a think tank, that combines music, art and culture and blends them all in one.

Our ideas travel with our minds and body through different worlds and bring the best out of them to our day.
Our vision is wide – we know no stereotype.
Our taste is exquisite – we admire beauty in all its forms.
Our knowledge is humble – we constantly learn and we are always aiming for more.
Our skills are driven by eagerness and notion.
Our love is genuine – it is coming from deep, sacred places in our hearts.
Our passion is our strongest tool – with it we are going to make it all work.

Here is one of the tracks called Do somebody!!

Rest of this great release you can check out on beatport link here

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