SAE Institute Belgrade EMP course

Hi all , i want you to inform that the new EMP course is about to start on SAE Belgrade. Since you (maybe) know that i am holding this course at SAE Belgrade i just want to let you know that we are about to start new course. Maybe this is good time to tell your friends who are interested about it.

This is 5th course of this kind , and since now several dozens of people successfully completed the course and now they are making music that they love. Thas really proud moment for me since i am spreding my knowledge that i gathered through years and through schools. Studying of this course has his own advantages since the price of this course is lowest in the world and lowest between 56 country’s where SAE exist.

Beat the clock, make music!!!

More info on the flyer bellow or click here.

New Ableton or what!??

In the video above, Stagecraft Software show off new software, Livetronica Studio. The new DAW is still in development, but is based around a looper, timecode vinyl control and DJ software all bundled together.

Livetronica will also happily host VST or AU effects and instruments and looks to have to have an incredibly flexible interface. With programs like Bitwig, the new version of NI’s Traktor and now Livetronica, should the crew at Ableton HQ be getting worried?

Bitwig – new Ableton or not!?!?

First of all i am sorry for not posting some time , i was away on holiday , so i spend my quality time on making music and recharging my energy!!:) So here is some interesting news!!

There are some rumors online about this new software, it is made by former Ableton employees. Somebody said that it is stolen the others say it is not. For me as a fanatic fan of ableton , this program looks great. It has some options that still don’t exist in Ableton, split screen , 64bit support etc.

We will see whats cooked , and what is most iportant what will be the Ableton answer on this..

..and almost forgot , Bitwig support linux 🙂 What are you think!?

SAE Institute Belgrade pact with D16 Group

D16 Group Audio Software and SAE Institute Belgrade have established a new alliance to access their world famous software emulator programs for legendary drum machines like the Roland 909 808 and 303.

D16 has graciously agreed to supply SAE Institute Belgrade its entire collection of plugins for use by students and staff members. This range of simulation software which contains literally millions of song and sound options can now be accessed for projects and assignments by all students. Furthermore, anyone from SAE Belgrade is now able to purchase any D16 product at 50% off the normal price.

For more information or details on how to purchase D16 products please contact SAE Institute Belgrade.

for more info:

SAE Institute Belgrade and Player music store presents TEST LAB

How many times in your life you saw some picture of some cool instrument and you didnt had chance to try it?? Well… this times are gone. For the first time in Serbia , SAE Institute with coperation with Player music store will present some really cool devices such as MIDI controllers , Plugins , Software’s etc. and all of this will be at your fingertips. Test Lab is designed to give you feeling of making music for the first time , and all of this devices will be available for you to try.

Test lab is the day when we will try some new music tools and much more. Saturday 22nd october, SAE Institute , Cika Ljubina 8 , 3rd floor , Belgrade.

More info here:

Player store site

Mason Live, featuring Max for Live

For their latest tour, Dutch duo Mason have taken things to a new level with integrated technology that allows them to control visuals and lighting from the stage. To accomplish this technological feat, Mason worked with lighting designer Manuel Rodrigues ( and software developer Mattijs Kneppers (Arttech), who used Ableton and Max for Live to interface between Mason’s music and the show’s visuals and lighting.

Ableton User Group – Belgrade

Hi all , after some time i decided to create facebook page for all Ableton users from Serbia. Be free to post anything that is related to ableton and music creation. I hope so that will menage to get some discounts on ableton products on the page and maybe some nice competiton’s. Stay tuned!!:)

Here is the facebook page link :

Maschine mikro

Native Instruments reveals some big news for Maschine that’s … well, smaller. A new package has smaller hardware and lower price, with the same full-sized software. And an iOS version lets you use Maschine on iPad or iPhone. Check out for more info!

Free Download plugin PSP Pianoverb

PSP is super cool company who produces great plugins and effects, This time they give for free their Pianoverb effect. Be quick this time , because we dont know when they will change their mind.
Thanks PSP!

Download plugin here

What a MIDI guitar can do?

Maybe the new MIDI guitar can change rock and pop music today. Really great video and great product.