Tweestival – Tweeter festival in Belgrade

On thursday 24th march i will be playing on some really nice festival with good cause. Official Tweeter festival will be held on several locations in Belgrade. So many DJ’s supported this thing. For that night i will play in Gun club beside some old and popular names like Gramofondzie , Lale, Petkovski and others. Here is complete program and more info about the event:

Tweestival Belgrade 2011

thursday 25 march 2011 

supporting “Association for animals”

Why this cause?
We came to the conclusion that this year’s Belgrade Twestival should be based on help to provide all resources for a better life of dogs in Belgrade, therefore a better environment for the citizens of this city.
Although the worst situation is for stray dogs, no one is helping them.
The dogs are hungry, homeless, sick and without proper care. They also need a new home.
For years now, this organization helps animals, and by now they did a great job, but they do not have enough funds to make it a big deal. That is why we want to help this charity.

How will the funds be used by your local charity?
– To provide medical assistance and medicines to threat the sick dogs;
– To provide enough rabies vaccine;
– To provide food and money for maintaining the existing location for dogs until they get a new family and home;
– and providing for other specific needs.

C u there!