Story about King Britt

Composer/DJ King Britt received a Pew Fellowship in the Arts award in 2007. Pew Fellowships in the Arts awards grants of $60,000 to Philadelphia-area artists working in a wide variety of performing, visual, and literary disciplines. For more information on the Fellowship program, go to

thanks Nadja:)

Tweestival – Tweeter festival in Belgrade

On thursday 24th march i will be playing on some really nice festival with good cause. Official Tweeter festival will be held on several locations in Belgrade. So many DJ’s supported this thing. For that night i will play in Gun club beside some old and popular names like Gramofondzie , Lale, Petkovski and others. Here is complete program and more info about the event:

Tweestival Belgrade 2011

thursday 25 march 2011 

supporting “Association for animals”

Why this cause?
We came to the conclusion that this year’s Belgrade Twestival should be based on help to provide all resources for a better life of dogs in Belgrade, therefore a better environment for the citizens of this city.
Although the worst situation is for stray dogs, no one is helping them.
The dogs are hungry, homeless, sick and without proper care. They also need a new home.
For years now, this organization helps animals, and by now they did a great job, but they do not have enough funds to make it a big deal. That is why we want to help this charity.

How will the funds be used by your local charity?
– To provide medical assistance and medicines to threat the sick dogs;
– To provide enough rabies vaccine;
– To provide food and money for maintaining the existing location for dogs until they get a new family and home;
– and providing for other specific needs.

C u there!

Evening With…Naomi Kashiwagi

I am just wondering what will some tech freaks say on this video!!?!?You still using traktor???:) I am but we should ask ourselves is it technology what matters or art!?!?So unique and original Naomi Kashiwagi is admittedly a little fixated on the old and the useless. Dusty gramophones, abandoned typewriters and busted violin bows find new life in her art.

I like her headphones a lot:)

Stevie Wonder – Hotter Than July

Great documentary about Stevie Wonder , filmed by BBC in 1981. Do you think that Stevie will succeed in today’s music world of Lady Gaga and others???

Bjork – Modern Minimalists featuring Arvo Part & Mika Vainio

Here’s an intriguing episode of a 1997 BBC documentary called “Modern Minimalists“, combining two big musical things: Björk and minimalism.Documentary featuring Mika Vainio and fascinating Arvo Part among others.

This is part one:

Part two:

If you want to know more about Arvo Part check his masterclass bellow:

Electric Independence: Gavin Russom

Not so new video but really great.This guy is making some weird instruments with his own settings and names of the effects.So inspiring!

Click on the link bellow:

Electric Independence: Gavin Russom | Motherboard.

Best video 2011

Seeing faces of this street kids is priceless. For me this is best video for this year. It’s fascinating what is music doing to the kids, i guess for some small amounts of happyness we don’t need computers and fancy controllers. Music is in our nature!

BBC Introducing Musician’s Masterclass 2011

Big BBC started some really nice masterclass sessions. I am focusing on just one ,but there are bunch of others, featuring Calvin Harris and Labrinth and they menagers. Video is mothan one hour long but has great tips and story’s for every musician out there. To be honest i am not such a big fan of their music , but every story for every musician has certain weight. Listen how they did it, and maybe you can find something useful for your career. This show is hosted by BBC’s Pete Tong.

A must see video for every musican!

Click here to watch!